TD Travel Insurance is a travel insurance trust

TD Bank is one of the largest and most diverse banks in Canada, serving over 26 million
customers across North America. Founded in 1855 in Toronto, TD has grown both organically
and through acquisitions to become a leading provider of financial services. With over 1,100
branches situated across Canada, as well as operations in the United States, the United Kingdom,
and the Caribbean, TD offers personal and commercial banking, wealth management, and
insurance to both retail and business customers. Beyond traditional banking services, TD seeks
to enhance the customer experience through complementary offerings like travel insurance, TD
comprehensive travel insurance through TD Canada Trust and TD credit cards.

When it comes to traveling with peace of mind, TD Travel Insurance has you covered in
multiple ways. TD Travel Insurance offers a range of coverage options, including emergency
medical coverage, trip cancellation and interruption coverage, baggage loss or delay coverage,
and accidental death and dismemberment coverage TD Banking provides basic travel insurance
as part of most TD Canada Trust accounts, ensuring coverage for trips lasting under 15 days
outside your home province at no extra cost. If you hold TD Credit Cards like the TD Aeroplan
Visa, you’ll enjoy even more extensive travel coverage when using the card to pay for your
travels, often with higher benefits compared to basic banking plans. For those planning longer
journeys or seeking premium benefits, TD offers individual travel medical insurance and
cancellation/interruption plans. With medical coverage encompassing hospital stays, doctor
visits, ambulance services, and more while abroad, starting at just $2 per day, and the option for
higher-tier plans providing over $1 million in coverage. TD Travel Insurance doesn’t stop
there; it also provides the peace of mind of trip cancellation and interruption reimbursement for
non-refundable deposits and payments due to covered reasons such as illness or emergencies.
Plus, with 24/7 assistance, all plans include emergency travel and medical support services,
helping you locate doctors, facilitating communication between patients and hospitals, and much
more. The claims process is streamlined, with online or phone submissions, and typically,
reimbursement is processed within 2-3 business days of submitting complete documentation.
Accidental Death and Dismemberment Coverage ensures that if you or a covered family member
were to suffer an accidental death while traveling, the policy provides a predetermined sum of
money to your designated beneficiaries. This financial support can be instrumental in covering
immediate expenses, such as funeral costs, repatriation of remains, or any outstanding debts or
obligations that may arise due to the loss of a loved one.

TD Canada Trust travel insurance is an invaluable addition to your travel plans, providing
comprehensive coverage and peace of mind for your journeys. This coverage is automatically
included with eligible TD Canada Trust checking and savings accounts at no additional cost,
extending its benefits to the account holder, their spouse, and dependents under the age of 65.
TD Canada Trust travel insurance comes to your aid once you leave your Canadian province of
residence, offering up to 15 consecutive days of coverage per trip, ensuring you’re protected
throughout your adventures. With medical coverage of up to $1 million CAD per insured person
for emergency medical costs such as hospitalization abroad, ambulance services, physician
visits, and paramedical services, you can rest assured that your health is a top priority. TD
Canada Trust travel insurance also safeguards your investment by reimbursing non-
refundable trip costs, including flights and tours, in case of covered reasons like illness, injury,
pregnancy complications, and more. In the event of trip interruption due to sudden illness or
injury, this coverage steps in to cover the costs of returning home or resuming your trip.
Moreover, TD Canada Trust travel insurance ensures that you are taken care of during

unexpected flight or baggage delays, covering meals and accommodations for delays over 6
hours, and providing protection for lost or damaged baggage, up to $1,000 per trip. Additional
features include round-the-clock emergency travel assistance, rental vehicle collision coverage
up to $50,000, and common carrier accident coverage. When it comes to filing claims, the
process is efficient and convenient, allowing you to submit claims online or by phone, with
reimbursements typically processed within 2-3 days, provided that the documentation validates
the insured event caused the losses. TD Canada Trust travel insurance is your trusted partner
in ensuring that your travel experiences are not only memorable but also secure. If you require
further information regarding eligibility, coverage amounts, included benefits, or the claims
process, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Travel confidently with TD Canada Trust travel insurance.
TD credit card travel insurance is your trusted companion for comprehensive coverage during
your travels, offering peace of mind and protection wherever you go. With TD credit card travel
insurance, you’re automatically covered when you use an eligible TD credit card to pay for over
50% of your trip expenses, providing you with worldwide coverage that knows no boundaries.
Medical coverage is a paramount feature, ensuring that you’re safeguarded with up to an
impressive $5 million per person for covered medical costs, encompassing everything from
hospitalization to doctor’s visits abroad, with some cards offering even higher maximums. TD
credit card travel insurance is your financial safety net, reimbursing trip costs like flights and
tours for covered reasons and compensating for unused portions if your trip can’t be completed
as planned.

When faced with flight or baggage delays, this coverage steps in to provide essential
support if your flights are delayed over 6 hours or if your baggage is delayed or lost for specific
time periods. Rental car protection is another valuable benefit, waiving rental car damage fees
up to the full vehicle value if you decline the collision damage waiver from the rental agency.
With TD credit card travel insurance, you have access to round-the-clock assistance, ensuring
you receive emergency medical support, referrals, assistance with minor travel issues, lost
document replacements, and more. Whether you’re traveling on a plane, train, bus, or any form
of public transportation, TD credit card travel insurance offers common carrier accident
coverage, providing financial security in case of accidental death or dismemberment while in
transit. No matter where your adventures take you, whether it’s a cruise, studying abroad, or
international travel, TD credit card travel insurance offers global coverage that follows you
wherever you roam. So, remember TD credit card travel insurance, for unparalleled
protection and support on your journeys, ensuring you travel with confidence and peace of

TD Bank offers comprehensive travel insurance options to protect travelers against unforeseen
events and provide peace of mind while traveling. Whether you choose TD Travel Insurance, TD
Canada Trust Travel Insurance, or TD Credit Card Travel Insurance, you can rest assured that
you have coverage for emergency medical expenses, trip cancellation and interruption, baggage
loss or delay, and more. Before making a decision, it is essential to review the specific terms,
conditions, and coverage details of each insurance plan to ensure it meets your specific travel
needs. Remember, having travel insurance can provide you with financial protection and peace
of mind during your journeys.


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