New Volvo EX30 arrives at £33,795 with up to 298 miles of range


There is also an emphasis on interior storage, including a centrally located dashboard glovebox-style multi-function centre console in the front and a removable storage box at the back of the tunnel console.

Four interior designs – termed ‘rooms’ by Volvo – will be offered, all using different recyclable and renewable materials, including one that has upcycled denim fibre in the dashboard.

In the UK, the EX30 will be offered with three powertrains and two different battery types. Entry-level Single Motor versions feature a rear-mounted 268bhp motor with a 51kWh lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) battery. That chemistry, which is more cost-effective to produce, gives it a claimed range of 214 miles.

The Single Motor powertrain will also be offered in Extended Range form. Priced from £38,545, it uses with a 69kWh nickel-manganese-cobalt (NMC) battery, which extends the range to 298 miles, with a claimed efficiency of 4.0mpkWh.

That battery is also used in the top-spec Twin Motor Performance model, which adds a second, 154bhp electric motor on the front axle to give a combined output of 422bhp. That model is priced from £40,995 and offers a 286-mile range.

The entry-level LFP battery can be charged at a peak of 134kW, while the NMC models can accept charge at up to 153kW. 


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