Aston Martin to showcase electric car plans on 27 June


Each model range will take “10% less than the demand”, which “is leaving money on the table but keeps residuals [values] high” and gives the “luxury experience”.

Stroll added: “I’m looking for higher gross margins, not volumes. That’s luxury.

“My vision and dream is for Aston Martin to be ultra-luxury wedded with high performance and take marketing and technology from Formula 1.”

Before Stroll’s Yew Tree consortium first invested in Aston in 2020 before an eventual takeover, the firm had planned to build up to 20,000 cars per year across its Gaydon and St Athan sites.

When asked if he would have opened the latter should he have been in charge when the decision was made, he said: “Probably not, but the goals were different. You can’t do a 20,000 goal at Gaydon.”

Stroll said he “still wanted two production sites, just not two shifts”. To that end, production at St Athan will be around 4000 DBX SUVs (and derivatives) per year over one shift, with a similar number at Gaydon for the front-engined models, also on one shift.

The mid-engined models will be built at Gaydon, and Stroll said “we’re looking at the EV there” too, pushing it up towards its 6000-7000 capacity. 


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